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Living in Mission

Rules For those wishing to travel to the Mission Allipalli

  • They organize an annual two groups. One towards the end / beginning of the year and another in late July / early August.
  • The trips are organized exclusively in these times not to burden the smooth functioning of the mission.
  • The maximum stay is 15-20 days with limited places.
  • They are paid by the participants or the trip is the stay for which the minimum contribution is 20 euro per day for room, board and various transfers on the territory with vehicles provided by the Mission, all this is essential to keep expenses that are covered only with what is collected for the maintenance of children.
  • Anyone can make themselves useful in the mission, according to their capacity, since the work within the structure are varied, but not programmable long distance and will therefore proposed by Father Maria during their stay.
  • It is small works of maintenance of the already existing structures, such as painting and painting, maintenance of different type, reorder stock, etc ..
  • It wonders utmost respect for the way of life of the people, their culture and their religion. And ‘therefore it required for the clothing of both sexes, not to wear low-cut shirts, sleeveless, too shorts and tight, especially for men to have care to cover his torso with shirt or T-shirt.
  • It ‘strongly advised to get kids or even adults in their room. Suspicion and slander are behind the door and could create very unpleasant problems.
  • While respecting the individual freedom, the day’s program includes moments of common prayer and participation is recommended. The Indian population is very religious and were scandalized when European friends neglect the reference to the Lord.
  • His stay in Allipalli, with this in mind, it may even become the lucky occasion for profound reflection and review of their lives.
  • We must be careful not to “spoil” neither children nor adults with special gifts, especially with the money supply. Often those who ask for compassion persistently has less need than others and, without giving a specific knowledge of people and places, we will always be considered as the most “European” rich and not real friends.
  • The “make things” too easily creates inevitably between people, jealousy and envy; “To love” is not filled with material objects, but to give respect, love, value. This is the way to be educators responsible, strong, respectful.
  • If you wish to make donations deemed necessary, should make the first word with Father Maria who is very familiar situations and can also suggest the appropriate way to intervene.
  • Finally, remember that in India we are on earth “foreign,” we are the “non.” And therefore essential to respect the culture and the way of life of the people among whom we want to be operators of peace.

Recommended vaccinations ASL

  • Antitetanica
  • Anticolerica
  • Hepatitis A + B (adults only)
  • Polio
  • Antiencefalite Japanese
  • Antimenogoccico
  • Typhoid
  • Anti-malarials


The help of friends and benefactors,

which has enabled us to achieve so many beneficial initiatives so far, is indispensable for our work.